【Grow with Me】External Storage for Desk

but it’s definitely not enough for little coloring enthusiast. They need more space for their pens and crayons.
It would be great, if there is an accessible  case next to the table, which can hold pens, papers and even picture books. This gave us the idea of building this external storage  to the desk. Now our little one is ready to start doodling and all the supplies she will need are all within the reach.  Work on any side of the standard & large desk. 

1. Mushroom head bolt, easily being tightened with an ease.
2. Flexible mounting area makes it compatible for many other desks as long as the mounting width is within 14.8 ~ 15.7 inches. 
3. Removable dividers. Organize the supplies the way you want them to be.
4. Blend easily with your home décor.
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