Selected Materials

♠ Solid wood is durable and has a strength that stands the test  of  time, at least 5-7 years. Accompany your child’s growing  up.
♠ We selected rubber wood,  its growth period is short. It  makes use of plantation trees that have already served a useful function.Rubber wood comes in high yield, with heavy  weight, high stability,and is known as a very nvironmentally friendly wood with fair price.

♠ The use of E1 green glue makes the finger-joined glulam stronger and safer for children.


Eco-friendly coating

■ The infant derives pleasure from oral stimulation throughtasting and sucking. It’s crucial to choose carefully thecoating applied on the  surfaceof furniture.

■ Exposure to organic solvents in solvent-based  coating can  be harmful to human, and it doesn’t volatile in short time, such as formaldehyde, its volatility may take at least 10  years to completely zero.
■Children are uniquely susceptible to formaldehyde toxicant. Comparing to adults, children are disproportionately affected due to their size (smaller body frames), proximity to the toxicant (crawling infants and toddlers have increased exposure to toxicants on the floor), formaldehyde mainly gathered in the space within 1 meter of the ground, and this happens to be the main respiratory belt of children. In addition, children's air  intake is twice as adult, and  their bodies are stilldeveloping,have low resistance to  formaldehyde.
❖ No 8 soluble heavy metals  (regulation ASTM-4792-2)
❖ No TVOCs / volatile organic substance 
❖ No formaldehyde 
❖ No benzene solvent
❖ 100-120KG load testing
❖ EN-71:  toys safety standard in EU
❖ Food testing: FDA 21 CFR 175.300
❖ PAHs Category 1/ Children under 36 months: material indented to be put in the mouth or toys with intended  skin contact
❖ RoHS 13 kinds of specific hazardous substances test
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