【Grow with Me】Toy Car Organizer & display unit

Boys are always attracted to toy cars.
Every car carries the child's imagination of the future.
〝  There will never be enough clothes for women,“ as the saying goes.
〝  There will never be enough cars for boys,“ says Mom.
Therefore we have more and more toy cars gradually, it may cause the messy problem.
We put ourselves in all parents’shoes and better understand the needs of organization and storage. We provide this toy car storage organizer made of solid wood and crystal clear acrylic shelves. In addition to cultivating good habit of organization in children, transparent acrylic shelves are perfect for cutting clutter in your home and for showing off items, such as cars, mini figures, miniature. Your collection can be seen at a glance. It is bright, clean, simple and easy to use. Bring psychological and visual satisfaction and an ease to organize at the same time. Preserve every child's dream and memories.


1.Combination with solid wood and acrylic shelves. Acrylic Slot Dimensions:   8.5(H)x6.2W)x5(D)cm. Hold up normal size and shape of toy cars.
2.Flexible mounting area makes it compatible for HA Wood large desk or many others as long as the mounting width is within 30-44cm. Easy to mount on any wall for bringing stylish display and on HA Wood desk to avoid tipping. 
3.In consideration of size of toy trains, we provide two long shelves on the top. Perfect for showing off items to decorate your house as you wish, such as toy cars, mini figures, as well as miniature.




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