Solid Wood Multi-Purpose Work Station Cart

Good design
Most people think that they can change babies everywhere, on bed, table, sofa and even on the floor. However, changing your babies in a specific place will bring them a sense of security which helps soothing crying.
No more bending down to diaper change your baby. It is ergonomic designed and provides ample storage space to organize for easy access and tidy.  All the necessities are within reach.
We created this versatile mobile changing table. We hope it is not just a diaper changing table! When baby is older, you can use it as a kitchen cart, utility cart or a machine cart. 

❤️ The  handle is easy for hand gripping and hanging diaper organizer and storage basket.

❤️【Grow with Me】 External Storage can easily be installed aside.

❤️ Two drawers give you all the storage you need.


❤️ When no need to change diaper, it could be used as a display stand or kitchen cart.

❤️ It includes adjustable one shelf (5 heights) for open storage.

❤️ This convenient changing table also features sturdy rollers for ease of mobility.


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