My Star Dressing Room

It’s always not easy to choose appropriate clothes for children.Clothes need to go with weather and be stylish.
Every mother was once a little girl.
Every father was once a little boy
Parents hold in heart precious dream of having a fairy godmother's wardrobe.Then tons of clothes are piling up… How to organize a lot of clothing in a very little space? 

Now we provide a best solution for you!The best innovation of the 21st century. All we need is【 My Star dressing room】 which turns little space into great storage system.Unique spinning way to organize: utilizes perfectly limited space.
No more folding clothes: just hang to dry it without any wrinkles. Quick to choose: let children decide their clothing style. Decide what to wear and what to be! 【 My Star dressing room】can get everything done for you!

Adjustable heights make it perfect for every family member. Children can choose and organize clothing by themselves. 
360 degree rotating rack eliminates the morning dress-up battle. Sufficient hanging space: Three hooks on each rotating tier and three hanging bars on the top. Clothes and bags can both be well-accommodated. 

Made in solid wood with cute star shape


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