【Grow with Me】  2-in-1 Multi-Purpose Bookshelf and Storage

Create a learning environment and a good reading habit for young readers by giving them convenience to pick their own books, and organizing with an ease too. For our growing children, it’s easy to find a book to read, and not easy for them to put it back. Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves, fostering independence in children and helping remember the books. The store-anything shelves unit can be as useful as it can be. Parents get to create shelving spaces based on their own needs.

1 .A convenient drawer provides a  bonus to store toys or extra supplies.
2 .Drawer is thoughtfully designed  with a stopper so parents will  never need to worry about young  toddlers takingout the whole drawer and possibly drop it on the floor.   
3 . Wooden dowel pin will help reinforce    shelves, no worries of falling down.


1. Safe distance that will leave adul tfingers safe.
2. Features rounded corners for added safety.
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