【Grow with Me】Multi-Purpose Step Stool

Children are growing up so fast and arriving at this stage of self-directed autonomy. They love to imitate parent’s behaviors, and try to brush teeth, wash hands, and put on shoes by themselves. Due to restrictive and unsuitable home space for children, they need a lot of help from parents/adults. This multi-purpose step stool can foster independence in your children. Children can use it as a seat or stand, on it to reach things that are stored up high.

 Two-step stool is perfect for those hard to reach places.

1. Two-step stool is perfect for those hard to reach places.

2 .Hidden storage for kids’ little treasure.

1. Anti-slip & built-in rubber feet on the bottom, water-proof and sturdy.
2.All edges are rounded, making it safe for young toddlers.


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