Design  Concepts

To grasp the essence of Montessori education, it is characterized by an emphasis on autonomy, freedom with limits and respect for the natural development of the child's physical, social and psychological abilities.
We try to build a functional environment that stimulates autonomy, where everything is within the reach of children.
Designing furniture for children is to meet children's physical and mental development needs. Well-designed furniture helps them grow up, engages their ability and need to move. One of the key concepts in the Montessori toddler environment is learning to be independent. We can provide kid-size desks, chairs and accessible shelves, fostering independence, rather than use traditional high chairs, which rely on adult intervention. We implement this concept for designing our products. Everything is all prepared for children!                                                                                    

 ♥  Child-size furniture engages their ability and needs to act.
 ♣   Adjustable furniture can keep up with your growing child. 
 ★  We design storage space for  children to organize their own supplies. Everything is where it is supposed to be.
 ♠  Light-colored furniture makes children stay focused.    


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