About us

EPnS is a well-known water-based wood coating manufacturer in Taiwan, whose products applied in major department stores and luxury hotels. 
How do we start to be a children's furniture manufacturer from coating ? Our story began with a father's love and a mother's care for their child! 

The founders of HA wood, they were looking for suitable children’s furniture for their first child, but nothing appropriate was found on the market. It made them so frustrated! Most of children’s furniture was designed from the perspective of adults, rather than with the needs of children. This gave them the idea of designing children’s furniture that is made of solid sturdy hardwood and water-based coating complied with international standards. From raw material to after-sell guarantees that the products arrive to your hands, HA wood provides with unique design, safe materials, and attentive customer service. 

The original intention is not to earn a profit, but to create well-designed furniture to meet all requirements of children. The design combines ergonomics with educational features, making the most commonly seen furniture a small world, filled with care and fun.

We designed our first desk and chair set for our 1.5 year old child. Then she can have a designated kid area for reading, coloring, playing puzzles and blocks. 
When she was 2 years old, we provided her the multi-purpose step stool, she began to go to the toilet, wash hands, and put on shoes by herself!
We designed multi-purpose bookshelf with a display bookshelf unit to entice our 2.5 year-old child to read. She can choose her favorite picture books and learn to keep books and toys in place.
When our preschooler is 4 years old, we prepared the Wall Mounted Coat Rack for her. All her personal accessories, such as school bag, bottle, coat can be put in order!

At 4.5 years old, we build for her the adjustable external storage case which can be mounted on the desk side, for holding pens, papers and picture books.
After that, we designed the Toddler-Adult Adjustable chair for parents to accompany their children reading or doing art crafts. Mom and Dad can easily fit in this cute animal design chair, which is perfect for family members of every age. Then we provide this genius toy cars organizer to solve the problem of toy cars overload. In addition to cultivating good habit of organization in children, transparent acrylic shelves are perfect for cutting clutter in your home and for showing off items. It brings satisfaction and ease to organize at the same time.
HA Wood is increasingly perfecting as our child’s growing.



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