【Grow with Me】Children Adjustable Desk+Chair Set

Give kids a space of their own! It’s the perfect spot for drawing, playing toys, as well as reading, writing, and having a snack. No need to be confined to environments that are better suited to adults. The standard children’s desk and air set is recommended for  preschool aged children.

♥ Made of solid rubber wood
♥ Use of EPnS water-based wood coating, no formaldehyde, benzene solvent, heavy metals, and anti-bacterial, anti-mold,etc.
♥ No VOC emissions, no irritating odor.

【Grow with Me】  Children  Adjustable Desk

【Standard size】  For children under 120cm
【Large size】   For children under 140cm

【Grow with Me】  Children Adjustable Chair
【Grow with Me】  Toddler-Adult  Adjustable Chair 

♥ This chair is also perfect   for adults to sit with kids.
♣ Desk & chair can be sold  separately. 

1 Raised lips on edges of the desktop keep objects from sliding off.
2 Drawer provides storage for all the lovely materials to keep things tidy  and organized. 


1  Corners are rounded and smooth to prevent any "owie's."
2  The stopper prevents drawer from unintentionally being pulled out. 

1  The chair can be adjusted to 4 different height levels (7.5"  ~ 11.5"), and Toddler - Adult Adjustable Chair can be easily adjusted to 5 different height levels (9" ~ 13.8") 
2  The standard desk can be adjusted   to 3 different height levels (15" ~ 18");the large desk can be adjusted to 5  different height levels (15" ~ 21")

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